Blue Marble Makauba

Technical detail: AZUL MAKAUBA Brazilian polished natural marble Scheda tecnica: AZUL MAKAUBA marmo naturale lucido brasiliano Renseignements sur marbres naturels brillants AZUL MAKAUBA pulido AZUL MAKAUBA Brasilianischer polierte Natur Marmor

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blue makauba marble
Commercial name: BLUE MAKAUBA
Type of stone: marble
Sample finishing: polished
Sawing direction: cross cut
Originally from: Brazil
Uniformity: not uniform
Quantity available: small

Application: internal/external mild clima
Volumetric weight: 2645 Kg/m3
Compression strength: 1704 Kg/cm2
Bending strength: 168 Kg/cm2
Absorption: 0,11 % by weight

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different finishing, color and structure variation, projects reference, recommended suppliers and dealers.
Italian translation Azul Macaubas

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AZUL CIELO producers

The marbles, being a product of nature, they can present themselves with color and structure variations.
Therefore, the present sample is used only to give an approximate idea of the azul marble blue marble Makauba(Azul Makauba).

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