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Yellow Marble Giallo Siena

Giallo Siena italian marble Scheda tecnica: GIALLO SIENA marmo naturale lucido italiano Giallo Siena jaune marbre Archivo de marmoles amarillos: GIALLO SIENA Technisches Detail: GIALLO SIENA Italienischer polierte Natur Marmor

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Each stone, being a product of nature, is a unique piece, a precious stone and it can present itself with color and structure variations.
Therefore, the present sample is used only to give an approximate idea of the Yellow Marble Giallo Siena.

Commercial name :
Type of stone :
Sample finishing :
Sawing direction :
Originally from :
Uniformity :
Quantity available :

Application :
Volumetric weight :
Compression strength :
Bending strength :
Abrasion resistance :
Absorption :
Coeff. thermal expansion :
vein cut
fairly uniform
ins/ext. mild clima

2715 Kg/m3
1782 Kg/cm2
256 Kg/cm2
0,27 mm.
0,32 % by weight
0,0038 mm./m. oC

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