Leopoldo Rosati

New York, NY 10016

Leopoldo Rosati has established his design team in New York in 1992.

Together with few talented young architects and designers mostly jointed by their
South European education and origins, his work includes residential and commercial
interiors as fashion showrooms, boutiques as well as hotel renovations, restaurants
and new houses. These projects are located in New York, New Jersey, Texas,
Dominican Republic, Italy.

Leopoldo Rosati has assembled some of the best craftsmen in all trades both in New
York and Italy.
Exceptional detailing and consistently high quality of workmanship is the board of
his "Made in Italy Production". This growing philosophy gives emphases to the design
strength improving the previous, already successful, product's quality experience.

Rosati's elegant and sophisticate design reflects his clearness of mind, eclectic spirit,
passion for photography and his southeastern Italian origins too.Reaching both
extreme and minimal essence of architectural idioms and specifics, and researching-
screening among the Mediterranean culture, is considered by Leopoldo Rosati a
consistent and dialectic working pattern.

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