Technical detail: CALACATTA BLACK French polished natural, marble


  • Stone type: Marble
  • Consistence: natural
  • Sample finishing: polished
  • Country of origin: France
  • Uniformity: fairly uniform
  • Quantity available: for small quantities
  • Application: only for inside
  • Use: buildings, floorings, residential floorings, claddings, bathrooms, kitchens, ornaments
  • The present sample is used only to give an approximate idea of the material.
    Chooseby is not responsible for the truthfulness of data entered by users.

Technical data

Volumetric weight: 2.8 grs/cm3Compression strength: 1398 Kg/cm2
Bending strength: 153 daN/cm2Abrasion resistance: 2.9 mm
Absorption: 0.18 % by weight

CALACATTA BLACK: Color and structure variation



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