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Amazonia suppliers

Fairly uniform light grey, white big grain, natural marble
Shiny polished stone
Chinese material only for inside, available in small quantities

Italian Quality: Italian distrubutor of Amazonia

Products available Raw materials/semi-finished products, Residential products for home planning, Products for public environment, Products for urban furnishing, Artsitcs products, Bathrooms furnishing, Kitchens furnishing, Offices furniture, Shops furniture
Use for floorings, for residential floorings, for bathrooms, for kitchens, for ornament, for cladding
Type of production calibrated, custom, done by hand, marquetry, open book, random length, standard, open book, open book, open book, open book, open book, open book, open book, open book, open book
Type of finishing antique, antique wax, brushed, chiselled, honed, rough, sandblasted, sawn, scratched
Quantity available for small quantities


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