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stone floorings
marble floorings
Italian tiles
granite tiles
travertine tiles
slate tiles
tumbled tiles

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Azul Macaubas
Crema Marfil
Yellow Siena
Green Issorie
White Thassos

Azul Bahia
Baltic Brown
Blue Pearl
Kashmir Gold
Jet Black


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Art and Design

Atsuo Okamoto
sculpture. sculptor. art. turtle project
Gallery Fukashi, your art gallery in Japan

Koike, Mitsunori
Mitsunori Koike lives and works in Hara Village, Japan. His work in granite and other stone ranges in scale from the intimate to the monumental.

Kubo, Kiwame
Japanese Sculptor Kiwame Kubo is introduced. Geometric stone sculpture. marble, granite, and travertine

Miyauchi, Hiroshi
Stone sculptor, Japan.

Okamoto, Atsuo
Sculptor in stone and other materials.

The Traces Library for creative literacy
A collection of articles, images and link reviews related to art and human consciousness. Subject matter includes technology, mental illness, visionary art, emotional literacy, Japanese culture, and the Zen arts.

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